League Rules v2.0

After the first Season was finished with only minor glitches, we decided to have a discussion on several issues concerning league play. Various opinions were heard in an open discussion in the forums here and in our casual summer playtest meetings, and in my traditional non democratic tradition I have decided on the following:

Common (sense) Rules

  • Season II will run using the latest FFG tournament rules and the latest FAQ
  • Set legality will be governed by its availability in the local market. When less than 50% of the places you can buy the game in Athens have it available, proxies will be allowed. When a new datapack is widely available, proxies will not be allowed. When a new event is announced, check the event description for such details.
  • Since several people complained about delays in getting events underway, and given the fact that ANR tournaments do require a decent amount of time, the TOs will be far stricter with time, and game losses will be handed out to people coming late.
  • There will be two types of events for season II: Normal and Prestige.
  • Due to the rather powerful bonus a first round Bye can provide, there will be an additional check in the tournament software that will only give each league member a 1st round bye once for the whole season.
  • Due to the scarce availability of game night kits and some complaints that were voiced last time around, unique prizes (in this gaze the Game Mat and alternate art Kate) will be awarded once to each league member.  People eligible for a second one, will be bumped to a prize check and the unique prize will filter down.

Normal Events

In addition to the common rules, the following apply to normal events:

  • Since we want you to enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, the time limit for each match will be set to 80 minutes.
  • Decklists are not mandatory, but if you want, you can submit them either physically or electronically at decklists@crypsis.gr stating your name and event number.
  • If tournament attendance is up to 16 people, 4 rounds of swiss will be played using standard tie breakers.  Pairing will be random through bracket.  Above 16 people, we will play 5 rounds of straight swiss.
  • There will be 3 player judges at each event, announced at the beginning. Feel free to volunteer.

Prestige Events

In addition to the common rules, the following apply to prestige events:

  • Prestige events score double points in the league standings.
  • Decklists are mandatory. You can submit them either physically or electronically at decklists@crypsis.gr stating your name and event number. Failing a deck check at any point will result in strict penalties, so make sure all your agendas are back in your deck after each match.
  • According to attendance, the event will run for a number of swiss rounds (5-6 most likely) and a Top X elimination round according to FFG floor rules.
  • Due to large number of people and time constraints, the time limit for each match will be set to 70 minutes.
  • There will be at least 3 player judges and one non player head TO/judge.


Again, for the second season, your truly (Chris Oldgeorge / Vexation) will be the league commissioner.  Any problems,issues, etc that are not covered by the the stuff above and the general "don't be a dickhead" rule of card flipping will be addressed and resolved by me.  I expect the second season to run roughly until late January, with hopefully 10 or so normal events and at least two prestige ones.  More information on the subject will be forthcoming as the dust clears (possible Chronos Protocol event, etc). Stay tuned, play netrunner and visit crypsis.gr!

Have a great season everyone!