Season I:Overview

As I mentioned in the introduction, Season One started slowly, with an 8 person event at Kaissa Neas Erythraias, where the friendly proprietor was the first to believe in the game's potential (or was strongarmed by yours truly, choose whatever tickles your fancy) and was followed by a smaller 7 person event in Warzone Piraeus. However, it was clear from the beginning that the problem was one of accessibility since both those venues where situated at the edges of the great Athens area and people found it hard to get there. As soon as we started running events in more central locations like Espairos and Fantasy Shop, attendance spiked upwards and soon even further tournaments at Nea Erythraia had double the original attendance.

Overall, over 230 registrations took place during the 12 events of Season I, with a whooping total of 56 unique players, which is a pretty excellent number for a new competititve card game in Greece.  Sales numbers indicate that there are over 80 ANR players in Athens, but apparently the tournament thing is not everyone's cup of tea :). Regardless, we had a great time and we're hoping that the upcoming Season II will be far more exciting.

Now, the stats are a bit fuzzy, mostly because I didn't have the time to complete a proper tournament software before setting off. As a result, a few early events are missing from the analysis, but I am recreating them from written notes and tournament reports.  Meanwhile, here are some rough stats to amuse yourselves...

First, we have the list of favorable Corp/Runner ID combos, which clearly indicates that the local scene is split among those following the internet trends and going for the admittedly optimal (at the time) Weyland/Gabe combo and new players that opted for the easiest setup possible, that being HB-Fast Advance/Kate while they are learning the ropes:

Next up, we have a more detailed faction breakdown:



Don't worry! Once I am done with importing the old events to the league/tournament software and tweaking it for the new floor rules, you will be able to see a much more detailed view of all game statistics, and hopefully even compare them to the baseline(s) of the acucmulated OCTGN play stats. It's a rather geeky thing to do, but I do have a stats fetish, so bear with me :) 

Before I sign off, let's have a small talk about ...


Yup, it goes without saying that a league should have some prizes for those following it. The main problem was actually deciding what, because it's rather hard to find interesting stuff to give to LCG players, especially when FFG is doing the whole playmat thing to death. Given also the fact that during the year all tournament revenue was actually returned as prize support back to the players (don't laugh, those Game Night kits are stupidly expensive - and that's why they go for so much on ebay), the prizes had to come out of my pocket.  Thankfully, mr. Vangelis Galanis pulled another rabbit out of his magic hat and designed seven beautiful cubes of glory.

Hopefully, by now you'll have made the intellectual leap and realised that I ordered seven cubes not because it is a nice prime number of mystic significance to Clan Tremere, but because I decided to reward the top prestige-monger in each game faction. It was a troublesome decision, cause from the one hand it rewards people that attended events frequently but on the other hand it "punishes" people like me who wanted to experiement with everything in a tournament environment and played almost every faction and ID, even those terribly dreary green Shapers. I still haven't run the stats, and I still have no idea who these people are, but when everything is ready I hope that they will be happy with the physical manifestation of their hard earned accolades.

Apart from the cubes, I am also working on some small trinket for everybody that participated in season I and a couple of special prizes for the top 2 overall prestige gatherers.  Everything is still under construction (or being shipped from abroad) so the awards will take place when everything is delivered and ready (a big event in the works for the 9th of November seems the perfect place for such shennanigans).

All in all, it was an excellent first season, and I hope you had a wonderful time (I sure as hell did). Get ready for Season II!