GNRL - Season III - Event 10

GNRL - Season III - Event 10

GNRL - Season III - Event 10

The Last of the Store Champions...

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Hello, this is PlutoNick from Greece, coming fresh from our Greek Netrunner League (Season 3) tournament #10, having finished 1st. I decided to write this report because no one else ever before wrote a greek tournament report in English. And it’s a shame because we have such a strong and vivid scene here in Greece (averaging 16 people in small events and surpassing 30 people in premium events such as Regionals etc). 

I always forget details on matches right after the match ends, so this report is going to be heavy on style and low on substance. You have been warned.

The event took place in the esteemed DragonPhoenix Inn, a very cozy, warm and welcoming RPG and tabletop-gaming meeting place, on 25th of May. The tournament rewards were off a 2014 Season 1 gaming night kit and this tournament was the last one before Regionals. It was a good chance for Greek players to test new cards (H&P was not legal for a long time) and also a good chance to warm up before Regionals.

Attendance was good, amounting to 13 people during European elections day nonetheless, which means that attendance during regionals is going to be double if not triple that number. Many previous champs were present that day, including Greek legendary cardplayer, creator of the Greek Netrunner League and Tournament Organiser Chris O. whom I hoped to avoid having to play against, because he gives me a mental cockblock everytime I face him. Other notable players included Fotis “Poures” G., Vangelis G. who was wearing his Hitch-Hikers towel and t-shirt that day (besides election day, it was also International Towel Day in honor of Douglas Adams), and of course my arch-nemesis Andrew ‘Ray’ Moundo who I have a tendency to play against in the final rounds of every tournament and losing. 

The previous day was spent practicing with the aforementioned Fotis “Poures” G. also my Netrunner mentor, (it was himself and db0 that taught me the ins and outs of Netrunning two years ago) and I ended using the decks I tested with, Andromeda and Jinteki Replicating Perfection. I am not much of a deckbuilder, so I decided to use an Andromeda variant copied from Cardiff’s Regionals for my runner deck. I have been playing Andromeda for a long time, and I feel pretty confident with that ID. For my corp deck, even though I am an NBN player, I decided to pilot my close friend ‘Db0’s Untrashable v7.1 that was customized by the man himself especially for this tournament, mainly because that deck is thought as a symbol of sorts of the MAZA gaming club, we are both members of. On the downside, I have never played Jinteki on a tournament before, and this made me anxious.


Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie (Humanity’s Shadow)

Event (19)

3x Account Siphon (Core Set)

2x Inside Job (Core Set)

3x Special Order (Core Set)

3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

3x Emergency Shutdown (Cyber Exodus)

3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)

2x Legwork (Honor and Profit)

Hardware (7)

3x Desperado (Core Set)

2x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)

2x R&D Interface (Future Proof) ••••

Resource (6)

3x Kati Jones (Humanity’s Shadow)

3x Security Testing (Honor and Profit)

Icebreaker (8) 
1x Corroder (Core Set) •• 
1x Mimic (Core Set) • 
1x Yog.0 (Core Set) • 
1x Femme Fatale (Core Set) 
2x Faerie (Future Proof)

1x Breach (Honor and Profit)

1x Passport (Honor and Profit)

Program (5) 
3x Datasucker (Core Set) ••• 
2x Parasite (Core Set) •••• 
15 influence spent (maximum 15) 
45 cards (min 45)

Untrashable v7.1 
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection (Trace Amount) 

Agenda (9) 
3x Fetal AI (Trace Amount) 
1x NAPD Contract (Double Time) 
3x Nisei MK II (Core Set) 
2x The Future Perfect (Honor and Profit) 

Asset (18) 
3x Encryption Protocol (Trace Amount) ••• 
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) ••• 
3x Mental Health Clinic (Honor and Profit) 
2x Ronin (Future Proof) 
1x Shi.Kyū (Honor and Profit)

2x Shock! (True Colors) 
1x Snare! (Core Set) 
3x Sundew (Mala Tempora) 

Upgrade (5) 
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY (What Lies Ahead) •••• 
3x Hokusai Grid (Humanity's Shadow)

Operation (5) 
2x Closed Accounts (Core Set) •• 
3x Interns (Mala Tempora) 

Code Gate (1) 
1x Yagura (Fear and Loathing) 

Sentry (9) 
2x Pup (Honor and Profit) 
3x Shadow (Core Set) ••• 
1x Susanoo-No-Mikoto (Honor and Profit) 
3x Tsurugi (True Colors) 

Other (2) 
2x Chimera (Cyber Exodus) 

15 influence spent (max 15) 
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21) 
49 cards (min 45) 
Cards up to Honor and Profit

I arrived early in DragonPhoenix inn, wearing my lucky Team Maza shirt (and a pair of trousers and shoes of course), sat in an empty table and started shuffling my decks. Another 12 players arrived, totaling 13, which meant it was going to be a 4 rounds swiss tournament.

1st round

vs Vangelis ‘42’ G. - HB: Engineering the Future / Gabriel -4 Prestige points

First match was versus Vangelis who was celebrating Towel Day wearing his towel. My Andromeda managed to get enough agendas and win versus his HB Engineering The Future deck. He stalled me considerably when he scored Accelerated Beta Test and iced the archives. I was certain that there was an agenda in there, but it was just a trick. My R&D interface helped get some initial agendas from R&D, and the last critical agenda was fished from his HQ.

My Jinteki Replicating Perfection against his Gabriel was a rather typical attrition through net damage and tax play and in the end I managed to win by scoring agendas.

Since we finished early, the innkeeper awarded me with a slice of cake for being the first victor. I accepted it wholeheartedly, devoured it and waited for the rest of the tables to finish.

2nd round

vs Fotis ‘Poures’ G. Nisei Division / Chaos Theory   -2 prestige points (second match went to time)

Poures and myself had spent our previous day practicing, so we pretty much knew how each other’s deck would play out. Poures was extra confident, and started trashtalking me, calling me “Κρεας”, “Νυχτοκρώλης” and other greek obscenities because he had steamrolled me the day before. I kept my calm because as we say in Greece, I had stitches for his fur!!!

First match was my Andromeda vs Poures’ Nisei Division which I suspect is a variant of another of Db0’s Psychic Blast designs. The first match took us a long time to finish mainly because I couldn’t get into his remote server which was guarded by, among other ices, an RSVP and also had a Nisei upgrade. I was constanlty poor, or didn’t have enough datasucker tokens to either pass RSVP with my Yog or gamble my way in his server and trash Nisei. In the end, the Corp, having lost their scoring windows, decked out and I won having scored only 4 agenda points…

...but not without having sacrificed precious match time for the second match. Adding to that, my Jinteki deck is rather slow and in the end the T.O. declared that we run out of time, the runner had to complete his last turn and then finish the game. We both had two agenda points at that time. Poures decided to make a hail mary run in my R&D, found an agenda and won having scored only 4 agenda points. He was down to two cards and I had a Ronin installed with two tokens. Well, tough luck.

3rd round

vs JamesH  Chaos Theory  / Jinteki: Replicating Perfection  - 4 prestige points

First game was my runner (Andy) vs RP. I was lucky to land a lot of syphons and as a result the corp couldn’t set up a scoring remote. I trashed any asset economy that hit the board. My digs in R&D were fruitful at first, but after a while I couldn’t dig out any more agendas. A couple of runs in HQ combined with Legwork and a bit of luck, gave me the win.

Second game was a lot tougher. His CT installed Magnum Opus very early and he had economic advantage. I managed to set him back a few clicks though net damage, but he on the other hand, trashed all my economy resources using his economy to his advantage. While we were still on phase 1, he decided not to trash an unadvanced Ronin in order to save money for more trashing. This ended being a big mistake, because in phase 3 I decided to advance Ronin twice. JamesH had by then forgotten that the card was in fact a Ronin and he mistook this time for an agenda which he ignored. Next turn I flatlined him but it felt like cheating, truth be told.

4rth and last round

vs Andrew ‘Ray’ Moundo  Reinna / NBN: Making News - 2 prestige points

Andrew is my nemesis, winner of multiple tournaments and a common opponent I face in the final rounds of every tournament. Also, I tend to lose to him way too often. He played my second favorite runner ID (Reina), and my favorite Corp ID (NBN: Making News).

First game I played Jinteki. Ray installed Deep Red, Knights on my ices and methodically started trashing every economy asset I installed. This set us back economically but him more so. My net damage ices also trashed a lot of his programs and this delayed him even more. In the end I just needed one agenda to score and win. I installed a Howard in my scoring server, he took the bait and this game me a scoring window for my last agenda.

Then I run with Andromeda. He iced R&D and HQ with barriers. I was lucky to have a Corroder in hand, combined with my already installed datasucker and Desperado, it was easy to fish agendas from R&D. I also trashed any SanSan I encountered. I managed to land a couple of Syphons as well and a combination or tiredness and false sense of imminent victory made me careless. I was left with a hand of 3 cards, and even though I had a Plascrete Carapace (aka Καράπας in, as we refer it to in Contemporary Latin ie Greek) next turn he landed a successful SEA Source with two unexpected Scorched Earths and killed me.

Still, it seems I had a better weakside or SoS, and I ended up first place. Second place was taken by “Ray” and third place by “Poures”.

An excellent tournament, as always. Many thanks to Db0 for his winning deck design, to Poures for teaching me the game initially and practicing with me subsequently, to Chris O. for his excellent tournament organising and general support of our community (check out our community homepage at visit both and who knows, you might learn to speak greek in no time). Also many thanks to the local stores that support our hobby (you know who you are) in such a degree that we manage to have official tournaments almost every weekend! Lastly many thanks to the whole greek Netrunner community, and may MountainRoot be the first of many new Greek competitive Netrunners to come!


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